Sunday, 7 August 2016

repairing some ripped pants that i cannot just let go of with embroidery

so today was dedicated to making a-mends. this paosr of pants that i loooooove was ripped from the knee in a small accident a few years ago. and i hadn't let go of these even though i was too lazy to actually repair. and one fine TOday i finally decided i won't buy another pair of denims until i had repaired any/all of my old one (yeaas there's more than one, i am a hoarder what can i say)
i hate doing the patch thing, simply don't like them. so i had to find an alternative to patching it up. a simple answer - embroidery. and my inspiration - this lovely blog called Small Things

so here's the fractured denim as it looked after the accident. ripped on the left knee.

full length

i started by first creating a sort of 'canvas' for me to work upon. a base of any cotton fabric to be put at the back to provide more strength to your patch

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