hey! we are tanvir and gunneet and really very pleased to see you at our little corner on the internet where we share what we love to do!

i am not a professional, full time crafter nor a designer. nope, not even an artist. my job is to help other businesses show up better on google (aka SEO). but my love for the handmade and sewing, i just could not hold back any more. and this blog is exactly that. it has whatever love for colors, arts and crafts i have been able to carry on since my childhood and that is what drives me to make all these things. - Tanvir

gunneet, my awesome, cute cousin is a lawyer in the making. but like me (there's something in the genes), she too has a craft crazy heart. she had been gifting handmade goodness to her friends and family for a long time. and to me she used to send pins (on Pinterest)!! one year of sending each other pins (Pinterest ones) and we finally, publicly launched our brand in Jan 2015. We make everything with hands, which tends to be very tedious, but we want our products to remain affordable while giving us a sustainable ROI as well. There are many who are into this business, but their product is a high costing affair. We want to provide the same quality, but at relatively lower costs. everyone should be able to express specially. Hence we want to build a brand that keeps everyone happy, including us!

at CraftWings, we try to make some pretty goodies, selling them through Pinterest and Facebook. we are a brand that brings to you all things cute and pretty. be it handmade cards, handmade accessories and decor or graphic design, we have it all. you can choose from our range of products or get them customized to fit your choice.

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