Sunday, 26 April 2015

mother's day boxes - 2

another set of mother's day boxes

two more boxes for mother's day. i have an amazing time working with fabric. i love to arrange whatever i have rather than getting fixated on a particular type of fabric for my projects. looking to mix and match them in different ways to see which works the best for me.

this here is a round box made in a very different style. the lid was half way made, like a sort of cap on which i added some handmade flowers made using different fabrics and burlap.  

even the knob on top was handmade using a small paint bottle and a big button.

the second box had a triangular shape.

i used this lovely red and white floral patterned fabric to cover it up. 

to decorate i used a big burlap flower that i made by making petals of the same.

 then i added a small colorful butterfly on top of the flower.
two more boxes ready to be shipped for Mother's Day!

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