Sunday, 17 May 2015

Explosion! Box!

another order for a birthday present which the client wanted to be creative and personalized with pictures and space for messages to their dear friend...oh i soooo love doing this, helping others express their love and feelings.

out of all the options, the client chose to go with an explosion box.
so beginning with the process on this 'hot' sunday morning, the first step was to cut the sides of the box from a mount board. mine measure 7" for the outer box , 6" for the middle one and 5.5" for the smallest box.

cut 5 squares of side 7" as you need one for the base as well and 4 squares for the other two sizes. be very careful as you cut the sides, keeping the size even. use a sharp pen knife instead of scissors for better cutting.
cover the outermost sqaures with the paper of your choice. i wanted to make it totally colorful and vibrant so i went with this:

cover up all the mount board cuttings with paper of your choice:

now take sheet of paper and draw a matrix on it with each side measuring 7", something like this:

cut out the paper, leaving out the corners (you can use them later for the inner side) and paste your 7" squares on these five sides. easy-peasy so far! it should look something like this:

now carefully paste the mount board sides on top of each other, securing them nicely with adhesive. and the basic structure of your box is ready.

now the next step is to use your imagination and decorate all these sides with different charms and embellishments. to make it really personal i have used different elements from things which the receiver of this gift likes. for example, she loves food, so one of the panels is dedicated to food and pictures of some precious moments from her life!

these cute little bottles to hold messages from her precious ones..

one final look at the box and its ready to be packed and shipped!

a little video:

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