Sunday, 6 September 2015

vanity box for a favorite aunt!

my last sunday at home..! will be moving out to another city for a job next month. so i wanted to make most of this opportunity and work on a box for my aunt who lives there. she is one of the best people in my life and i worked on this project with a lot of love and effort. hope she likes it!

starting with the box, which btw my totally adorable dad made for me. i covered it with paper to provide for a base to work upon and gave added strength to the box.

now moving on the outside. i wanted to make this into a flowery one (she loves flowers!). so i covered it up with a silk cloth in a very light beige color, covering it nicely from all sides.

now the most difficult part, flowers. my initial plan was to make quilled flowers in different forms and shapes, but i decided to get more adventurous and make fabric ones with 3 colors of fabric. i finaled out on pink, a light yellow and a different fuchsia shade for these flowers. using techniques from another one of my post on handmade fabric flowers, i made a bunch of different sized flowers. pasted them in an arrangement.

added a few beads and embellishments and this pretty little ballerina figurine i had from before. voila! a pretty, handmade gift is ready to be given..

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