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Sunday, 6 September 2015

vanity box for a favorite aunt!

my last sunday at home..! will be moving out to another city for a job next month. so i wanted to make most of this opportunity and work on a box for my aunt who lives there. she is one of the best people in my life and i worked on this project with a lot of love and effort. hope she likes it!

starting with the box, which btw my totally adorable dad made for me. i covered it with paper to provide for a base to work upon and gave added strength to the box.

now moving on the outside. i wanted to make this into a flowery one (she loves flowers!). so i covered it up with a silk cloth in a very light beige color, covering it nicely from all sides.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

another fabric mural!

it seems i have lots and lots of fabric lying at home and i can't get enough of it! i had planned about making this mural long long time back but as with my other projects, kept pushing it back till i had the 'right time'. well it turns out, that time came up the last week and i finally started doing this.

well this is how i made it. it was simple really, just some colorful fabric cut up in pieces and pasted on this big sheet of paper.

cut up of some paper petals and painting them with golden dust. and then i took some wire and made petal shapes out of it.

then i pasted those petals on to the wire shapes and joined them together in the shape of a flower with glue gun. easy peasy!