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Friday, 27 February 2015

first ever craft show by CraftWings!

omg today was so so so exciting, seems like a mix of all emotions that exist. i was worried, happy, anxious, nervous, excited..everything at the same time. a really tiny small beginning...

27 Feb, 2015 noted down in history!

i put up all the handmade cards that i had made so far.

this handmade banner uses mount board, rope and golden glitter. 

hair accessories and envelopes, all handmade!

Sunday, 15 February 2015

DIY notebook cover

our first ever craft show is coming up in two weeks!!

along with my cousin, we will be bringing some awesome handmade stuff at her college fest at the Punjab University. that folks is one of the oldest universities in India and she is studying to e a lawyer. but just like me, has that creative bug within her which made us team up together for this event. 

today's diy sunday was spent making these awesome diaries/notebooks/journals whatever you wish to call them..