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Sunday, 10 July 2016

artist trading card swap with Shilpa Nagaonkar

so i had the chance to go to this amazing workshop with Shilpa Nagaonkar in Bengaluru and now all thanks to this sweet lovely crafter, i am part of a very active and creative group of ladies. they keep sharing pictures of things that they make over WhatsApp and it is always refreshing to look at all that amazing stuff at the end of day!
so, as a part of that group, everyone was asked to make ATC's or Artist Trading Cards. a lovely post i found online on ATC's. me too, all excited prepared some ATC's:

alas, i forgot to take any pictures while actually making them, so making do with just text on how i created them:
for the first one, i applied a layer of gesso with some coffee powder added for color (and the fragrance!). i love working with coffee, the color and texture that it lends to your work cannot be copied with paint. at least beyond my capability. so i sprimkled some coffee powder here and there while it was still wet to give some effect when it dried.

once it was dry, i painted a cherry blossom tree with coffee and let it dry for at least a day.
once it was dry, i added the flowers made with quilling strips. since the card was a mere 3"x4", i decided to represent flowers with just circles instead of petals. and also the theme of this month's ATC was circles, so well....i had also made a cherry blossom greeting card some time back, with complete flowers with quilling.