Sunday, 19 June 2016

golden sequins design on a white T-shirt

Using the very simple technique of applying sequins, i started working on this design today. it's a symbol in Sikhism that stands for sovereignty and integrity.
i had made a design on similar sequined embroidery technique a while ago, that too was something related to Sikhism. well the reason behind this preference is that CraftWings along with Teri Oat is planning to launch a series of T-shirts with these designs and all profits from these T-shirts would go to charity. not any particular charity, but a different one everytime we launch a new design.
we would request you to please go to the Teri Oat page and be a part of this endeavour. all our new designs shall be uploaded on their Facebook page. sign up for the newsletter and you shall get an alert everytime a new design is launched.

here's a little tutorial on how i proceeded with the design, slowly and patiently, one sequin at a time and doing it only during the day as it takes a lot of eye work!😁
first off i copied the design on to my t-shirt using a black carbon paper. i had printed out the design on an a4 sheet.

then i cut up the water soluble sheet and secured it at the inside of my t-shirt using a running stitch. this sheet is necessary to provide more strength to the embroidered design.
then i began the process of stitching sequin after sequin on to my design. I felt it would be more comfortable for me to first stitch sequins on the outline and then fill inside the design.

this is how it looks so far!

then filling up the inside part, i was wondering whether to go haphazard or follow it in a line. I tried going randomly on one part but didn't like it much so I went in a line in the major area. i have pointed out the areas in the last picture where there is a difference in the sequins. 
so i hope it looks good and promising and we'll be able to sell as many as possible!

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