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Sunday, 19 June 2016

golden sequins design on a white T-shirt

Using the very simple technique of applying sequins, i started working on this design today. it's a symbol in Sikhism that stands for sovereignty and integrity.
i had made a design on similar sequined embroidery technique a while ago, that too was something related to Sikhism. well the reason behind this preference is that CraftWings along with Teri Oat is planning to launch a series of T-shirts with these designs and all profits from these T-shirts would go to charity. not any particular charity, but a different one everytime we launch a new design.
we would request you to please go to the Teri Oat page and be a part of this endeavour. all our new designs shall be uploaded on their Facebook page. sign up for the newsletter and you shall get an alert everytime a new design is launched.

here's a little tutorial on how i proceeded with the design, slowly and patiently, one sequin at a time and doing it only during the day as it takes a lot of eye work!😁
first off i copied the design on to my t-shirt using a black carbon paper. i had printed out the design on an a4 sheet.