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Sunday, 26 June 2016

mixed media canvas on a fun sun-day!

today was spent on yet another mixed media session! using some different techniques from the mixed media session i did earlier this year, today i made it on a canvas. 
take your blank canvas and paint it over with a thin layer of Gesso. this is to give you a smooth surface for the next steps. the thickness of Gesso varies with the purpose you want to solve with it. for example, if you want to create a base for your inks and paints, paint a thin layer and if you want to create texture use a thicker layer.

dry out the canvas using a hair dryer or heat tool. when using a dryer, be careful not to go really close to the canvas as it may cause bubbles in the Gesso, which would kind of defeat the purpose of creating a smooth surface. if you have the time and patience to let it dry in the sun, then go for it too. the canvas should be warm to touch, that's how you would know its completely dry.

just trying to see how i would want to arrange my focal point items. as you progress with your piece however, you will keep changing these positions and the end result could be different. but in this piece, the second texture could only be created in a straight line, so i could not arrange my flowers this way. 

the nest step was to use texture paste and stencil. this particular texture paste when dried gives the look of cracked paint. the beauty of mixed media is that there is no right or wrong way to do it (excepts the basics of course). use your imagination and apply the materials or techniques any which way you like. the only requirement is to keep practicing and keep experimenting.
so here i used my stencil to create a polka dot appearance.

Sunday, 19 June 2016

golden sequins design on a white T-shirt

Using the very simple technique of applying sequins, i started working on this design today. it's a symbol in Sikhism that stands for sovereignty and integrity.
i had made a design on similar sequined embroidery technique a while ago, that too was something related to Sikhism. well the reason behind this preference is that CraftWings along with Teri Oat is planning to launch a series of T-shirts with these designs and all profits from these T-shirts would go to charity. not any particular charity, but a different one everytime we launch a new design.
we would request you to please go to the Teri Oat page and be a part of this endeavour. all our new designs shall be uploaded on their Facebook page. sign up for the newsletter and you shall get an alert everytime a new design is launched.

here's a little tutorial on how i proceeded with the design, slowly and patiently, one sequin at a time and doing it only during the day as it takes a lot of eye work!😁
first off i copied the design on to my t-shirt using a black carbon paper. i had printed out the design on an a4 sheet.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

One year of my DIY!

as i complete one year of my DIY fun, i am soooo utterly happy to announce that i am launching my own brand today! all my 'crafty'ness taking shape of an actual entity, it feels really great to see it all happening.and on an auspicious day too.

the idea of CraftWings as a brand had been brewing in my mind from a really long long time. initially i had wanted to start a graphic design company by this name but as time went by i realised i could have a all my creative ventures under the same roof. (please do let me know if this is a bad idea :P) 

hence, here we have CraftWings, a brand that offers handmade cards, handmade accessories and handmade decor items and graphic design. years of searching the internet, reading other similar blgs
since childhood i have loved the idea of crafts, cards and handmade stuff. i remember, back in the late 90's e-cards became a rage and all of a sudden this whole world of cards disappeared. i wish we would once again bring back the times when feelings expressed could be held in your hands and read again and again. and not to mention how lucky i am to have an amazing sister to help me with this (you can read all about it here). she is (fortunately) equally crazy about crafts and as they say two brains are better than one! so, here's one to us and to our future success!

i am not sure which is which, whether the blog has kept me going or i have kept it alive, but i am really happy it opened up a whole new world for me. this is the happiest i have felt in years, but i still need a lot of love and support from everyone. so please guys go through my posts from last year and leave some of your comment love to help me grow this little baby of mine.don't forget to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for latest news and offers!