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Sunday, 4 January 2015

One year of my DIY!

as i complete one year of my DIY fun, i am soooo utterly happy to announce that i am launching my own brand today! all my 'crafty'ness taking shape of an actual entity, it feels really great to see it all happening.and on an auspicious day too.

the idea of CraftWings as a brand had been brewing in my mind from a really long long time. initially i had wanted to start a graphic design company by this name but as time went by i realised i could have a all my creative ventures under the same roof. (please do let me know if this is a bad idea :P) 

hence, here we have CraftWings, a brand that offers handmade cards, handmade accessories and handmade decor items and graphic design. years of searching the internet, reading other similar blgs
since childhood i have loved the idea of crafts, cards and handmade stuff. i remember, back in the late 90's e-cards became a rage and all of a sudden this whole world of cards disappeared. i wish we would once again bring back the times when feelings expressed could be held in your hands and read again and again. and not to mention how lucky i am to have an amazing sister to help me with this (you can read all about it here). she is (fortunately) equally crazy about crafts and as they say two brains are better than one! so, here's one to us and to our future success!

i am not sure which is which, whether the blog has kept me going or i have kept it alive, but i am really happy it opened up a whole new world for me. this is the happiest i have felt in years, but i still need a lot of love and support from everyone. so please guys go through my posts from last year and leave some of your comment love to help me grow this little baby of mine.don't forget to follow us on our Facebook and Instagram for latest news and offers!