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Sunday, 17 August 2014

Baby Scrapbook DIY - 6

a long weekend! and my pages are all done and nicely stacked. 

also made the cover and its finally there. all set to be gifted, waiting for the baby's pictures.

baby's First birthday!

This one's for Mom and Dad's birthday, which coincidentally falls on the same day..

and this, the final piece, is the cover!

Sunday, 3 August 2014

baby scrapbook DIY - 4

day 4 of scrapbooking. it might not have taken this long if i had used die-cuts, but what i believe is when i can make it, why get premade. handmade in true sense! 

page 1 for today was First Diwali..(for those of you who don't know what diwali is, please see this video!)

second page that i made today was First Tooth:

Sunday, 20 July 2014

baby scrapbook DIY - 2

another sunday, and i devoted the whole day to my scrapbook.

made this page for grandparents..

some vintage touch on the picture frames.

easy and simple.

this is how the final page looks:

inspiration can be found here.

second page that i did today was this one:

inspiration for this page is here.

working on this project  made me wonder, a baby can change your life more than any other thing. once they are a part of your life, nothing else in the world matters except them and what they want. i guess the first few days are just spent in wondering if this really came out of you! another life, a miracle...

Sunday, 13 July 2014

baby scrapbook DIY - 1

happy happy news! my cousins pregnant and i am oh sooo happy for her. she's been one of the bestest friends i have ever had since my childhood. my hands are already itching to hold her baby. it's going be a really long wait though, till february. love you my darling.

a baby scrapbook is like the cutest gift you can give, right? so i set about making one for her, hopefully i'll complete it before the baby arrives.

started with making a list of all the pages i wanted to make. that list is here on my pinterest board.

list of scrapbook pages
my list of pages
i started with this first page, titled "Me & You", seen here on pinterest..and why not, mother's the most important person of a child's life. the first human to come in contact with the baby

some little, hand-written typography! 

i was really confused as to which side should be up, as they looked good both ways. well, this is what i went with. 

and the page was done...:) thats just one, still got to make a hell lot of pages.

please do leave comments.! much love.

Sunday, 18 May 2014

another fabric mural!

it seems i have lots and lots of fabric lying at home and i can't get enough of it! i had planned about making this mural long long time back but as with my other projects, kept pushing it back till i had the 'right time'. well it turns out, that time came up the last week and i finally started doing this.

well this is how i made it. it was simple really, just some colorful fabric cut up in pieces and pasted on this big sheet of paper.

cut up of some paper petals and painting them with golden dust. and then i took some wire and made petal shapes out of it.

then i pasted those petals on to the wire shapes and joined them together in the shape of a flower with glue gun. easy peasy!

Sunday, 20 April 2014


a sweet and simple photo frame made out of fabric pieces, a little card board, foam and an old metal belt that i had.


Sunday, 13 April 2014

that's one way to recyle beautifully! (recycled mural part 3)

yes! the mural is finally complete and framed and ready to be hanged anywhere i want!!
although i made one mistake and didn't leave enough margin on the sides to frame it properly. so the frame guy had to make a kind of box all around it which has made it so heavy. so peeps, whenever you make something you plan to frame and hang later, make sure to leave enough margin..
comments please!

Sunday, 6 April 2014

That's one way to recyle beautifully! (recycled mural part 2)

still working on the mural. i didnt get the time to work on it during the whole week so added a couple of things today. but hopefully, by next sunday it will be all done and set up. found an old belt to use! yay!

Sunday, 30 March 2014

that's one way to recyle beautifully! (recycled mural part 1)

i am a big big fan of recycling ( did i mention that before?!). so i decided to make this painting by recycling stuff. using old broken things to create something new, what can be lovelier than this.

so i have started making this mural today on a piece of glass that i had lying in the junk upstairs. took an old greeting card for the teddy bear and pasted it in the center. and then i dumped whatever 'junk' i had lying around the house - broken bottles, old pearl necklace, foil candy wrappers, a broken porcelain pot and even two old wrist watches! now they are preserved that way, frozen in time :) let's see when i'll be able to complete this one!

Sunday, 16 March 2014

Denim Reuse Rug

old denims!! 
my favorite thing to work with..they dont need to be ironed, strong and sturdy and provide an excellent base that can be covered with lovely things made out fabric scraps or thread

i have started making this simple rug with old denim strips and plan to add a layer of foam within to provide some softness. hopefully will complete it by next sunday!

Sunday, 9 March 2014

isn't this lamp a cutie!

my bedroom lamp looked extremely boring from day one (in my defense, i was forced to have them in my room). ut when you are a creativo*,you can always turn what yo don't like into something you love! so i set this sunday to make my grey lamps look cool and pretty with the help of a lovely pink fabric that seemed to go perfectly with the shade of my wall. Just a  little bonnet sort of thing for the lamp and decoupage on the discs.

have a look for yourself and please leave some comments! thank you....

creativo (adj) : a naturally creative being!

Sunday, 2 March 2014

little DIY for the living room!

just recently got some repainting done on our home walls so had to remove all the lightning fixtures. then i had this prepping up idea to decoupage all the plastic discs around the lights.lo and behold! we had some really pretty, floral decorations...almost for nothing! :) a quick and easy diy, with such pleasing results.! happy crafting me lovelies!

Sunday, 23 February 2014

the sun, the spring and some lovely fabric flowers

spring is here and so are the lovely lovely colorful flowers. going for a walk early in the morning today, I met loads of these beauties. some were blossoming in the public park and front yards of houses and some were growing along the sidewalks, in the wild bushes and on the trees. no matter where they are, flowers never fail to bring a smile upon my face.

those flowers are what inspired me to make these cute little ones from some fabric scraps i had. now i am sure you will get loads of tutorials all over the net about how to make fabric flowers, but i for one  still haven't found one which would tell you 'what not to do' while making these here in this post i have tried to mention the mistakes i had made so that you won't make them.

this simple fabric flower tutorial can be found at many places. steps are simple:
1. cut 2" x 1" fabric pieces .
2. fold them in half.
3. sew them all with a simple running stitch.
4. pull the thread and stitch the ends together.
5. arrange the petals nicely before fixing them.
while making this flower, take a note of what side of fabric you are using

Sunday, 16 February 2014

new bag from old denims

so this sunday, i made this cute little tote bag from an old pair of denims and fabric scraps! well, technically it wasn't made today itself, i had been working on this project from the past 3 weeks and i finally completed it yesterday. oh how i love color!!!!

Sunday, 9 February 2014

boring flip flops to funky shiny ones

recently bought these flip flops on a whim but they didn't appear as much appealing after i got home. 

so in a bid to spruce them up a bit i pasted some blue and green shining stones on the straps. 

Sunday, 2 February 2014

lamp shade DIY

how a boring lamp shade can be turned into a super cute one, with just some power glue and glass pieces!

i did the inner side of the lamp as that was the one which would have actually shown. so just a simple border of round glass pieces for the upper part and a more detailed design for the inner part.

Sunday, 26 January 2014

DIY Sundays!

a promise i made to myself this year, that sunday's will not just be only sunday's anymore....they will be DIY SUNDAYS ! this might be my last year single ;) so i'll be leaving aside at least one day of the week for myself, for doing things i simply love the first sunday of this year started with making a simple, fabric scrap picture frame. i love working with fabric scraps and leftover tid-bits, making something pretty out of seemingly useless stuff... i know its kinda late for a new year resolution, but hey january is still not over. (Pssssst...its my birthday on Thursday *excited*!)

Next Post would be my first DIY SUNDAY item!